We create unique art

In Forja Española we are dedicated to the creation of unique handicrafts for home decoration, hotels, restaurants or any other space that needs to be decorated. Seeking to represent tradition, elegance and detail.


Forged Iron




Blown Glass


Exotic Wood


Other products we offer

– Structural and commercial profiles – Aluminum works – Plasma works – Copper works – Carbon steel – Tin leaf – – Gold leaf details – Tempered glass – Frosted glass – Leather upholstery (cowhide, pigskin, leather, exotic) Vinyl, Fabrics – – Palm – Wicker – PVC – Onyx – Marble – Oil paintings – Resin handicrafts – We also offer a wide variety of antiques -.

Passion, experience and talent

We specialize in metal forging, through an ancient technique, based on heating the metal at high temperatures to give it the desired shape in a manual and artisanal way. In Forja Española we follow the traditional style of our ancestors in order to offer you a unique ornamental product. unique.